About Kwan Leisure

Our story in short

Free time is a valuable and scarce commodity, and you want to spend that time as well as possible so that you can look back at it with joy. Going with friends to an amusement park, the pool or drinking a beer in the sun, we all want to do nice things, as does your guest. Have you ever considered this?

Your guests and visitors want to enjoy themselves, to experience something nice, receive attention and learn something. KWAN Leisure thinks as your guests do. This is why we help you with the development of unique leisure concepts and memorable experiences. This way your guest goes home with the feeling:

“I really experienced something enjoyable!”

We are sure that he will tell his friends, family and colleagues, as your personal ambassador. There is no better advertising than that!

We are KWAN Leisure. It’s nice to meet you.

Jean-Paul Haenen (CEO)


Upcoming events KWAN Leisure

The Team

The people we stand strong together with.

Jean-Paul Haenen


Thomas Jeurgens


Marcel Swaans

Office Manager

Kim Nooten


Simon Wang

Manager Azië

Martijn Vliegen

Junior Consultant


Looking for memorable experiences for your guests or customers? Increase sales with ‘retail-tainment’ or storytelling? How about the use of co-creation? Feel free to come and converse with us. The door is always open and the coffee ready.

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